CV/Resume and Contact

Hi friends!

My name is Jesper Jäder, an artist, designer and what you call an "all-rounder". I do what needs be done, and I make sure it's solid!

I'm optimistic, I'm eager to get going! Im driven and I work great in teams as well as alone.
I despise the darkness and I adore the summers!
Spending time at the family house in the archipelago outside Stockholm is just amazing. I've also heard that this "fresh air" thing is good for you! (the picture to the left is taken at our pier)

Send me an e-mail!

If you want to get in touch, the easiest way is to drop me a mail at:


Talawa Games (Unmechanical)


  • 3D Artist
  • 2D Artist
  • Web dev.
  • Animator
Cat AB


  • Web dev.
  • Graphics design
  • Ad creation
Publit AB


  • Interaction designer
  • Web dev.
You have an Idea? - Let's talk!


3D-Graphics at Futuregames.

2 year Advanced Vocational Education. 2010-2012

Interaction Design and Media
Södertörns Högskola.

Bachelor's degree 3 year. 2006-2009.

Focused on HCI by researching the dynamics of MMOs.
Notable academic essays are:

  • "Learning in games". B-level
  • "The perceived difference of the game context between experienced and new players". C-level

Information Technique at KTH.

Master of Science in Engineering
Stockholm 2004-2006 (interrupted)

Advanced mathematics, physics and computer engineering.
Decided to cancel the education to pursue artistical interests.
Information Technique at Sjödalsgymnasiet.

Upper secondary school. 2001-2003.

Fundamental studies.

Achievements and Awards

Brazilian International Games
Winner with Unmechanical

"The Brazilian International Game Festival (BIG) has announced Unmechanical, Papo & Yo, and more as its winners"

Best Game ($30,000) - Unmechanical
Best Art ($2,000) - ...
Best Sound ($2,000) - Unmechanical
Best Narrative ($2,000) - ...
etc etc.

Nordic Game Awards
Best Artistic Achievement Award 2013, Winner

Nordic Game

Best Artistic Achievement Award 2013:
Winner: Unmechanical, Teotl Studios and Talawa Games, Sweden


  • Hitman Absolution, IO Interactive, Denmark
  • Pid, Might & Delight, Sweden
  • The Silent Age, House of Fire, Denmark
  • Unmechanical, Teotl Studios and Talawa Games, Sweden

What i bring to your table

An eye for art

I've drawn since I can remember, and at some point I got quite good at it. This has led me to pursue other means of expression such at 3D, animation and web design


"Beeing creative" is a term more abused than comic sans, but you know, I kind of am?

A huge part of maintaining creativity is beeing curious. Understanding how things fit together, and how stuff works help creating your all important Visual Library!


I've created around 10 games, and with a few I've won some prices.

I've worked with graphics design for both print and web as well as hand held devices

I've also been scrum master for a game project.


Dependable and loyal, but most of all I've got a genuine positivity!

I'm almost always glad, and I've heard that I tend to make people happy.

Tools of the trade

Creating graphics and art
  • Photoshop
  • Z-Brush
  • Maya
  • The tried and true! Pen and paper
Development and scripting
  • Javascript
  • node.js
  • Grunt
  • Compass
  • Suzy
  • libsass
  • GIT
Web and CMS
  • Sass
  • SCSS
  • CSS
  • Native HTML
  • Wordpress (I made this web in wpress)
Game Engines
  • Unity
  • UDK (just the basics)